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Teaching children the basics which will help them succeed in all facets of their life.

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Using five senses to explore the environment. Exploring the fun of being with other kids.

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Enjoy & Learn in a lovely environment and gaining new experiences.

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Improving their physical, social and intellectual skills while inspiring confidence.

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Welcome To bumble bee

At Bumble Bee Pre-school we focus on all-round development of each child. The uniqueness of every child needs to be celebrated, and we at Bumble Bee do just this!

The goal of education is not only being great at academics. We strive to develop intellectual independence in the child through enquiry, experimentation and exploration. We at Bumble Bee Pre-school , believe education is complete, only when a child imbibes strong moral values and has a strong connect with enviorment and community.

Our curriculum is designed to develop a lifelong love for learning. Truly, nurturing early learners!

  •  Follow your child's growth with regular reports.
  •  Taking care or your child's safety and hygiene.
  •  Fun spaces to make learning fun.
  •   Loving teachers as co-parents
  •   Special focus on security.
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Why Choose Us

Loving Teachers

Our staff is well-trained and experienced. But above all they love and care for the children like their own.

Your Child's Growth

We provide you with regular updates on your child so that you track his progress and growth over the years.

High Level Security

We provide complete CCTV coverage, dispersal with parent identification, single point of entry and exit which is secured.

Photos & Updates

We will keep you updated through Whatsapp & Social Media with the latest photos of your child enjoying at our nursery.

Fun Spaces

We have the most unique and enchanting decor as well as the best toys and aids for your child’s enjoyment.

Bumble bee preschool programs

Parent's Feedback

Bumble Bee is a beautiful of place love, knowledge, care, education, and great values where our little bundle of joy (Shreyansh ) goes to extract the honey (sweet education) and comes back to home with a sweet smile on his face

Shreyansh Maharana's Parent

I personally like the concept, the way of teaching. The important thing is my kid is enjoying and loving the environment. I can see the lots of improvement in my child.

Akshaj Kumar's Parent

बच्चों के लिए Bumblebee बहुत ही शानदार स्कूल है। यहां बच्चे खेल-खेल में बहुत कुछ सीख जाते हैं। जैसे दर्शन खेलते-खेलते ही बोलना,काउंटिंग, कलर , पोएम और भी बहुत कुछ सिख गया।

Darshan's Parent